Week 6

Week 6


6.1. ALPHA
06/01/20140 Kommentare

My gap is to find an improved process for t-shirt decoration. To understand the process you need to know that I buy blank t-shirts and then decorate them, usually with machine embroidery. However, I have been trying to improve the added-value of the decoration and had been hoping to go beyond the limitations of the frame needed for the machine embroidery. Here is my alpha test product.

Embroidered T-Shirt


Here is a close up of the finished t-shirt. As you can see I had to change the design planned because the XL hoop does not fit in the t-shirt. Also, due to other limitations I was not able to use the fabric paint. During the production process I discovered a lot of things I could improve. However, overall I am pleased with the end result and will continue to refine it.

Reverse Applique Fower T-Shirt